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  • Why Email Marketing Isn’t Dead: How to Capitalize on Your Contact List
Don’t let anyone tell you differently – email isn’t dead. Heck, it isn’t even sick. And while it’s true that email marketing trends come and go, email marketing itself remains an extremely cost-effective and powerful tool for inbound marketing campaigns. Want some numbers to back that up? Take a look at these and then you decide if email marketing should be a primary revenue driver for your organization:
  • For every $1 a brand spends on email marketing, the average ROI is $44.25. That’s right, a 4300% return!
  • From 2015 to 2016, email marketing made a huge leap as an ROI-producing channel. In 2015, 54% of marketers said email directly generated ROI for their brands; in 2016 that figure rose to 79%.
  • We’re all inundated with emails – the average person receives 100 or more a day – with business emails making up nearly 110 billion of them. Big numbers! And statistics show that consumers like receiving them – as long as they come from their favorite companies and offer tangible benefits.
    Email Marketing Strategies
    Done effectively, email marketing is still the number one way to generate quality sales opportunities and leads. Most criticisms of email marketing stem from the old outbound marketing practices that offer little value in today’s digital marketing world. So it’s time to evolve from the old era of conversion through repetition and focus on a content marketing strategy that stresses highly personalized and targeted email campaigns. Together with a strong social presence spread out over multiple platforms, email campaigns allow brands to offer customers a unique value proposition that social alone cannot.
    Like content marketing or lead generation strategies, email campaigns must also have a well-thought-out plan. Long gone are the days when it was enough to blast emails to huge contact lists. Today’s consumers are looking for thoughtful communications that speak directly to their needs and wants. Whether you’re looking to re-engage with inactive prospective leads, raise awareness of your brand with a new audience, or offer existing customers something new, you’ll need to look at your contact list in a whole new way if you hope to make the most of email campaigns.
    Capitalize on Your Contact List
    The dynamics have changed, but the goal remains the same: increasing ROI through engaging emails that convert. How is that accomplished? Today’s marketing climate rewards personalization. Craft content that stands out from the crowd and your email marketing campaigns will prove to be your most trusted and versatile marketing channel.
    It starts with understanding that not all your customers are the same. Even if you offer only one product or service, there is no one-size-fits all customer. Every single unique lead has a different problem which requires a personalized solution. It stands to reason, then, that broad messages that attempt to appeal to everyone are not as effective as those that target different segments of your contact list.
    Segmenting your contact list will radically improve your email marketing campaigns. Customized, context-rich emails sent to the customers who are most likely to respond to them result in significantly higher open rates, website hits and conversions. Many marketers report a 50% increase in open rates!
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