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EcoLawn is truly a water conservation company, providing functional and sustainable landscapes with the new generation of synthetic grasses. Their full service landscape remodeling services include design, installation and maintenance of lawns for both residential and commercial projects along the Central Coast. As a pioneer in this industry, Ecolawn was determined to also lead the way with their online presence.
Why ZeeBlu:
“The Zeeblu team is awesome! They built an incredibly beautiful website that exceeded my expectations. Because they did such a good job on our website I hired them as my digital marketing partners and since then my business has exploded! I love how current they are with their marketing strategies. I highly recommend Zeeblu as sb’s coolest digital marketing team.” – Jessica Girard (Founder)
What ZeeBlu Did:
Jessica and Beau, founders of EcoLawn, wanted to introduce their company to Santa Barbara with all the right digital assets in place. Upon first meeting with ZeeBlu, their online presence was truly their Facebook page and, while essential, did not provide an adequate amount of information on their products or services. EcoLawn met with ZeeBlu to strategize the launch and promotion of their business, including a website, email and social strategies, as well as video as an effective way to display their product and landscape transformations.
“They have redefined their online landscape”.
The day their website debuted online, EcoLawn received an estimate inquiry. Since then, their website has continued to generate leads with an average of 700 unique visits each month. Their video has an 80% engagement rate and social media has been able to connect them with over 300 of their current customers as well as their friends and neighbors – driving more business to EcoLawn as prospects awe at the completed projects they see shared online.
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