About the Company:
How Jolly Brothers Catering used digital marketing in Santa Barbara area
Catering to all sizes and sensibilities
Jolly Brothers has been a well-respected catering company in the Santa Barbara area for more than 35 years and can support parties as small as two and as many as several hundred. Jolly Brothers prides itself on creating a calm atmosphere at every event and shaping its form to the desires of the client.
Why ZeeBlu:
Jolly Brothers has been a well-respected catering company in the Santa Barbara area for more than 35 years, but their old website didn’t do their business justice.
Owner Don Hardin was well aware of his need to upgrade his website, and that he needed to build a cohesive digital marketing effort if we wanted to keep pace with his competitors. He admitted, “Before ZeeCompass, I was kind of lost as to where I needed to go with my digital marketing campaign. I didn’t know what goals I should have, or what direction I needed to go.”“They have redefined their online landscape”.
What ZeeBlu Did:
Created a website that suits a calm and enthusiastic catering company.
ZeeBlu created an attractive website with high-definition photography, and a simple, elegant layout to give Jolly Brother’s prospects a sense of the caliber of business they were considering. Jolly Brothers can now proudly stand behind their website as an accurate representation of their business’ abilities.
Moving forward, Don is using ZeeCompass to identify his business’ goals and the steps necessary to achieve them. With these crucial pieces in place, Don is confident in his digital marketing effort moving forward. “Some of our goals with ZeeCompass are to have more of an online presence, to be more interactive on Facebook, to be more interactive on our website and get it in front of more people, and to raise it from page 30 to page 1. We also are coming up with different options in my email campaign to increase business.”
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